5 health benefits of green tea with honey

Irrespective of whether you are a fitness and health enthusiast or not, you may have heard of green tea. Green tea is popular because of its several benefits that improve overall health, and it’s very simple to make and consume in order to get those health benefits of tea. Dieticians recommend having just one cup of warm green tea each day, which could give you more energy and rejuvenate you. Green tea is officially recognized as a health drink because it is filled with phytonutrients and antioxidants.   

Green tea has to be brewed with hot water and then strained to remove the tea leaves or tea bag. Leave the tea to brew for too long,and it could result in a very bitter concoction. Even when brewed for the right amount of time, the tea might taste a little bitter and bland, preventing many people from drinking it. 

So, the next step that many individuals take is to sweeten it to get the health benefits of green tea with honey. They could use sugar but then sugar isn’t healthy and it beats the purpose of drinking green tea. The next best and healthier alternative is to use honey that is readily available and comes with its own health-boosting properties.  

Drinking green tea and honey

Honey amplifies the health benefits of green tea. This is an affordable way to kickstart a healthier life and it is suitable for all people especially those with a weaker immunity. Green tea in itself is a nice, light, warm drink that even contains flavonoids. This plant metabolite provides health-boosting advantages through antioxidant effects and can also curb cancerous cells.

When you add just a spoonful of honey to green tea, you get the best of both of these health foods that go a long way in treating infections, aiding digestion and strengthening the immune system. This drink also comes highly recommended for those who are trying to lose weight, detoxify their body and control cancers before it happens. In place of honey, some individuals add lemongrass or lime for flavoring and enjoy thehealth benefits of tea.

Benefits green tea and honey

Improving how your brain works

Green tea isn’t an ordinary rejuvenation drink, and its composition is designed to make you smarter too. It contains a prime ingredient called caffeine, and when it’s mixed with honey, more vitamins are added in. This is like a tonic for a weary brain that improves concentration, memory as the caffeine provides energy for those neurons. So, if you are ever tired or losing focus in the workplace, try a cup of green tea with honey to get these health benefits of tea. You will notice a spike in your memory, ability to pay attention, and reaction time.

A Psychopharmacology journal research publication shows that green tea is linked tothe brain’s higher functioning:cognitive functions, memory, and mental fatigue. The same research on the health benefits of teashowed that the tea could facilitate the treatment of cognitive impairments resulting from neuropsychiatric disorders like dementia.

Another study in 2011, tested the effect of a chemical found in green tea – CAGTE – on a protein associated with Alzheimer’s disease after it had been digested. The Alzheimer’s Society mentioned that this study suggests that green tea could lower the risk ofAlzheimer’s. The study on the health benefits of green tea with honeyinvolved a much higher dose of that activegreen tea compound that would generally be found in our systems.

Aids weight loss

Green tea is one way to lower your weight and could aid your weight loss goals. It is the perfect replacement for all those unhealthy snacks that you have lying around the home or office. Greentea is a non-fermented tea, and when it’s prepared with hot water, the calorie count falls somewhere between two to three calories per 8 ounces. This increases when you add honey or sugar to it. One teaspoon should count for 4 grams of honey, which is a total of 16 calories, while one tablespoon counts for 21 grams of honey added to the green tea totals up to 64 calories.

It is still a lot less than those snacks and could help you lose weight the easier way. Green tea even boosts your metabolism, too, while honey reduces the calories resulting in a 17% fat oxidation this way.  

Preventing cancer risks

Possibly the most critical of the health benefits of green tea with honeyis the antioxidants that you get from it.The more of these antioxidants you have, the better it is for you. Cancer assimilates in the body when the body cells multiply at a faster and uncontrolled rate.Theantioxidants present in green tea can reduce this multiplying effect and lower your risks of developing cancer when consumed on a regular basis. 

Reducing risks of strokes and heart disease

TheAmerican Medical Association conducted a study in 2006 on the health benefits of tea, and found that green teais directly related to reduced mortality rate due to several causes, particularlycardiovascular disease. Their 11-year study included 40,000 participants between the ages of forty and seventy-nine.Participants who consumed five cups of green tea each day developed a lower risk of dying from an unexpected and severe life-threatening disease like heart problems, when compared with those that drank just one cup. 

Drinking green tea is also beneficial to lowering stroke risks, as concluded by the American Heart Association.Dr. Yoshihiro Kokubo, Ph.D., who led the study, noted that green tea was a small, positive change that lower the risk of stroke.

Effects on inflammatory skin diseases

Green tea could improve the condition of your skin and prevent it from developing disorders, as shown by a 2007 study. The control of skin issues like acne,dandruff, psoriasis, inflammation,and too many skin cells are a few more of the health benefits of tea. This 2007 study conducted onanimal models showed that those test subjects treated with green tea exhibited faster recovery, and the inflammation has stopped.

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Green could help soothe inflamed skin as it has polyphenols that reduce swelling,skin redness,skin irritation, etc. It could even be applied directly to you skin with a cotton to lowersunburn, minor cuts too. Studies show that theanti-inflammatory properties of green tea make this tea a perfect remedy fordermatological conditions like keloids.

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