Hurun Rich List – Who Are the Richest Persons among Us?

The tenth edition of Hurun Rich List is out!

The tenth edition of the Hurun Rich list saw an exponential rise in billionaires worldwide in one year. The world added eight billionaires every week, adding up to 412 billionaires in a single year. This new edition of the Hurun Global Rich List 2021 presented 3228 billionaires in 2021. In monetary terms, the businessmen added $3.5 trillion to the economic power taking the total wealth to $14.7 trillion, showing a considerable rise.

What the Chairman of Hurun has to say?

The chairman and chief researcher at Hurun, Rupert Hoogewerf, stated that the year 2020 had seen the highest increase of wealth compared to the last decade, despite the dire circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the pandemic, the stock market boom has helped develop eight newly minted billionaires every week throughout the year.

It was an unexpected turn that developed in during the disrupted economic cycles of the pandemic. Rupert also claimed the growth speed of wealth is nothing short of a miracle as three individuals – Musk, Bezos, and Colin Huang added over $50 billion in a single year under challenging circumstances.

Which countries got the maximum billionaires in the Hurun Rich List?

The list recorded 3228 billionaires from over 2400 companies across 68 countries worldwide. From the staggering 3228 billionaires worldwide, China leads the chart with 1058 billionaires, followed by the US with 696, India with 177, Germany, United Kingdoms, and Switzerland with 100 each. If you consider the numbers per continent, Asia accounts for 51% of all billionaires worldwide.

Indian business tycoon Mukesh Ambani saw a wealth growth of 24 per cent in the last year. His current net worth is $83 billion making him the 8th richest man and the first Indian to be listed on the top 10 of the Hurun list. Amongst cities in India, Mumbai accounts for the maximum number of billionaires at 60, followed by New Delhi at 40 and Bangalore at 22.

Here is a list of the top six billionaires in the world:

Elon Musk

Elon Musk | Image Source: Google

At the age of 49, Elon Musk has become the richest man in the world. In the year 2020, Musk added $151 billion, which estimates a growth of a billion dollars every two days. The amount took his net worth up to $ 197 billion. A massive amount of his wealth is from the 21% share of Tesla that he owns.

Tesla, as a company, is worth $800 billion. Moreover, Musk owns 525 of the shares of SpaceX, which added $13 billion in value in the last year. SpaceX is the first private company that put people into orbit, an achievement previously claimed by three global superpowers.

Elon Musk has been the headline throughout the year. Besides the development with SpaceX, he has invested substantially from Tesla into bitcoins.

His other projects include the Boring Company digging tunnels to operate high-speed railways around Las Vegas Convention centre and Neuralink, developing a working human brain in machine interface. Fun fact, in 2013, Musk almost sold Tesla to Google for $11 billion.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos | Image Source: Google

The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, had held the title of the richest man in the world for a while. He was pushed to the second position by Musk and had a net worth of $189 billion.

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are now the ‘BIG TWO’ in the world, alternating their title for the wealthiest person globally and competing in the field of space exploration.

In the last year, Bezos has been committed to fighting climate change and invested $10 billion for the initiative. Moreover, he brought a house in Beverly Hills, California, for $165 million.

Bezos’s ex-wife MacKenzie Scott also has a net worth of $61 billion and maintains her place in the top 25 richest people in the world.

Bernard Arnault

Bernard Arnault

“Luxury King” Bernard Arnault has dropped to third place with a net worth of $114 billion. At the beginning of the year 2020, Bernard was down $25 billion but soon bounced back to make a 7% increase in his net worth, maintaining his position in the top three wealthiest people in the world.

The biggest news for Bernard in 2020 was when he took over the US luxury brand Tiffany for $16 billion in December. His son Alexander Arnault took a senior leadership position at Tiffany soon after.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Bill Gates stood fourth on the list with a net worth of $ 110 billion. Gates made the headlines in 2020 when he announced his resignation as the director of Microsoft as he wanted to focus on philanthropy.

Gates is the largest farmland owner in the US, with over 242000 acres of land. Moreover, the Gates Foundation donated over $250 million for Covid relief in different places.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire at the age of 23 and broke through the $100 billion marks for the first time to secure a place in the top five billionaires in the world.

With a net worth of $101 billion, Mark saw a 20% increase in his wealth in 2020. Facebook today has over 2.8 billion registered users and has seen a 12% increase in users despite several anti-trust issues in the US.

Zuckerberg has continued to make headlines in the last year with several privacy policy changes in WhatsApp and the decision to block news content in Australia.

Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway made is way to the top 10 wealthiest people in the world despite losing $11 billion last year, which is more than anyone on the list.

With a net worth of $91 billion, the 90-year-old man has substantial investments in Apple and Bank of America. Moreover, Buffet bought Dominion Energy Natural Gas assets in 2020 for $10 billion.

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