Sales Enablement Trends and Benchmark Best Sales Practices for 2021

The pandemic year 2020 witnessed the learning and also the downfall of the economy. It impacted every aspect of life and every sector of work-life simultaneously; the balance and imbalance of energy was the plan of 2020. Hoping for a better 2021 and let the learning gears up than Covid-19.

The fulfillment of the new demands in the market is what the enterprises learned. It was a significant part of sales enablement trends in 2021. To get on par with the impairment created in the market and back up the trillion-dollar economic wreckage, the sales department will require a reactive and agile sales strategy.

Due to a great deal of change in the technology and the sales enablement needs to adapt, some must-have transitions for organizations to get back on track with their business plans.

Trends to use digital media as a key sales tool

The pandemic changed the sales plan totally from offline to online. While planning for sales, the focus should be on online/mobile marketing, website marketing etc. We should adopt new technologies as fast as possible, and we should plan sales accordingly. The system process and content should be appropriate and well designed.

The digital transition in the era of masking and social distancing will provide a new way of doing work digitally. So we should shift the mindset from conventional mindsets to modern b2b marketing. The key to bringing the enterprises into the digital landscape is to plan multiple scenarios to reach the target audience, single channelled direction and data collection.

Another key to succeeding in 2021 will be the rapid adoption of Martech and a single channeled approach. We should make investments in the data-powered sales intelligence and outrage operations, e.g. Webinars. Webinars have become an effective Customer outrage strategy tool. It is going to be used as an essential medium to reach and then capture mind share.

Trends to use AI enabled sales analytics tools

More intelligent enterprises are adopting emerging technologies like AI and Analytics. In the current so-called new normal, these technologies will create a significant effect on the business, and also, it will undoubtedly lead to productive and empathetic sales conversations.

AI and ML technologies will create a boon in the sales industry to attract customers. This sector is already progressing rigorously. These technologies are on sale as hot cakes all over the world. The entire sales enablement trends of 2021 can gain a huge from here. Enterprises will have to be assigned with proper accounts and orchestrate full-circle sales processes with the latest demand generations. These can cross all sales target and opportunities.

Trends in using virtual and audit sales

Although the virtual audit and sales process existed before Covid-19, the pandemic has just acted as a catalyst. It has put the traditional supply to a standstill and left behind as one of the best sales practices for 2021.

The adoption of new technologies or the modernization, which was a languid pace for the past six years, just blazed through in these six months. The retailers had to realize their slow reaction had hit them back. These are new and intelligent customers.

It has come to notice that many retailers were smart enough to respond with re-enforcements and also the adoption of virtual sales and audit platforms. The way this pandemic is extending to its peak, We can assume that the virtual and sales audit platforms will emerge into an investment sector for Retail, B2C and focused B2b organizations.

We should also make the focus on the training of the employees with these latest technologies. The training process should be preferable through virtual platforms. Due to the pandemic, the present scenario of the world will let these technologies have from good to have to must-have requirement. The retailers can use these smartly to optimize the supply chain for tangible business profit.

Trends in using the intelligent database as a customer acquisition tool

The databases that used to be there as a raw material in some corner will now be seen as a differentiator. This difference will move around cleaner databases, and this will outreach programs and drive conversations. The year 2021 will see a great deal of investment in this sector. Data is an essential condition for survival will help the organizations in a great deal:-

  • leverage intelligent,
  • relevant data to reach the next potential customer
  • Defining and acquiring Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP)
  • Improve conversion rate by database analysis with look-alike profiles before use.

Customer support is significant in any sales deal. These new Intelligent database management systems will be able to solve customer connect gaps more efficiently. The customer problems solution will be much easier after adopting the Sales Analytics with IDBMS and ML. NexGen sales intelligence will drive down the execution gap existing between ABM Programs and conversions.


2020 is over, but its impact has not been over yet. We should try to recover the destructive impact and take its essential lessons for sales success in 2021. Simultaneously, many enterprises were demolished or shut down in the covid-19, but some increased profits by leaps and bounds.

The errors in the current market trend are pretty low, and the movements are increasing rapidly. For an enterprise to move forward in the race of this new normal one requires a transition to digital channels, and adopting account-based marketing will sail through the tough times. They need a high backup by new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Integrated Database Management techniques and software.

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