Top 5 Food Industry Trends For 2021

Predicting the developments in the food and beverage industry is one of the most difficult tasks. The task has taken an extra turn in difficulty due to the tremendous change in the industry in the past year. Here are some of the major insights gained from the past year that can impact the food industry trends for 2021 and likely more. With the Covid-19 pandemic on the loose, more than 85% of all consumers have made a change in their food consumption habits that has caused manufacturers and food scientists to rethink their strategies.

Here are some of the top food industry trends for 2021:


The transparency game in the food industry has taken the light of popularity in the past years. The increase in transparency has improved the need to present the sourcing of all ingredients in an edible. The increase in the consumer’s demand for a transparent supply chain and product level has never been this high.

Moreover, according to some surveys, 60% of all consumers take interest in learning where their food comes from and how it is prepared. The need for a Clean Label has provided the industry with an organic and additive-free path for a sustainable product supply chain for all customers.

Focus on Plants

One of the major food industry trends for 2021 is the increase in the focus of growing plant-based products. The trend was supported by an increased level of demand for plant-forward products in the industry. Plant-based foods have taken the market by storm and have gone mainstream with a rapid expansion. The trend mainly focuses on the sources of alternative proteins and indulgence.

In the last year alone, the growth of demand for plant-based foods and beverages has gone up by more than 35%. Right now, more than 20% of all consumers in the world are looking for plant-based consumables for a better perception of taste and health. The trend has created an opportunity for several brands to partner with ingredient companies that offer multiple flavor solutions that are formulated using plant-based ingredients and formulation.

On-Demand Consumption

Omni-channel consumption of food is one of the biggest changes that has been seen in the events of the recent pandemic. Consumers now have access to any food that they want to eat anytime and anywhere. Several restaurant branded products and convenient mean solutions have been introduced in the last year that has brought dine-in tastes to simple home cooking. Additionally, there have been several developments in the flavor department of the food industry allowing brands to offer exclusive flavors for consumers to introduce in their home cooking to create unique recipes. It is an important development and trend as it focuses on addressing the convenience and richer experiences that are involved with the food manufacturers and their products.

Immune System Priorities

The pandemic has created or influenced several trends for 2020 and 2021. Prioritizing the immune system and health has gone to the next level to prevent the increase in contamination of the virus. The trend was an expected development for 2021 as more than 60% of all consumers are looking for effective food and beverage consumables that support and improve their immune health.

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Science and Nutrition

According to some surveys, technology is addressing the increase in the awareness of nutritional values, sustainability, and ethical demands for the food and beverage industry. With more than 80% of all consumers looking for better quality food and beverages, food manufacturers are looking to leverage the expertise of the industry to meet all customer expectations. The incorporation of technology will allow the brands to overcome the challenges associated with creating better tastes while maintaining food health and quality.

Mixing Products

Innovation is a constant need in the food and beverage industry. Although the idea is not very clear, the target seems to create better products for the consumer with the use of creative cooking and food preparation ideas. More than half of all consumers worldwide are interested in trying new food items that intrigue their sensory experiences including aromas, taste, texture, colors, and sensations.

Moreover, the yonder generation is leading the demands for new flavor experiences like ice cream pizzas and the type of cereal that tastes like coffee. The trend is looking forward to new discoveries and inventions in the industry by food scientists. Finding the right partner for your brand and product development is just a matter of taste and the understanding of consumer expectations.


Many of us have experienced a peaceful and happy time that is related to several food items. Often in anxious and uncertain times, these particular food items provide us with comfort and happiness. As the world continues to fight the pandemic, we expect the nostalgia trend to continue in 2021. Several brands have incorporated the trend and reintroduced authentic dairy flavors and several dairy-free products that ensure good health while nurturing your cherished memories. While consumers are looking for nostalgic food items, they do not fall for the minimum efforts. Consumers expect a modern twist in the flavors and ingredients with an exotic touch to their familiar products. The global trend has successfully influenced the growth of several local products.

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Wrapping Up!

With the beginning of a new year, it is essential to keep an eye on the top food industry trends for 2021. Food manufacturers and their food scientists have faced several challenges in consumer expectations and overcome them with innovation, producing healthier and tastier products. Moreover, several additional developments in the industry include the focus on plant-based foods and better transparency in the food industry that caters to better awareness for nutritional consumption. Experts are navigating all product challenges to find the best trends that will follow in the future years.

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