Upcoming Innovation in the Automobile Industry

The incorporation of technology has changed how we do everything in our daily life. The way we communicate, the way we shop, and also the way we drive. Modern technology has helped develop several solutions that have eased the process of driving. Stating the current awareness of technological implications, car manufacturers are struggling to keep up with innovations in the automotive industry.

The rate of development in the industry has ensured that companies work hard to keep up with the advancements and are not left behind. We have already seen several developments like Bluetooth connectivity, dash cams, and key finders, but the world of automobiles is looking for several more developments in the area of smart technology. These technologies will not only ease driving, but they will also make the traveling experience safer while making it exciting and enjoyable.

Here are some of the latest trends in the automobile industries that are sure to develop some astonishing technologies:

Intercar Connectivity used in Automobile Industry

Many cars are now connected to the internet. Soon, however, these internet-enabled systems in cars will allow you to communicate with one another. Communication between cars will take the driving experience to another level ensuring better safety in terms of collision prevention. Intercar communication will reduce or nullify the chances of human error and will predict an accident before it happens. They can warn the driver of the consequence enabling the reduction of accidents on a daily transit. This technology will ensure the safety of passengers and enable drivers to quickly respond avoiding catastrophic damages.

Self-driving cars being introduced in Automobile Industry

Moving straight into the world of science fiction, self-driving cars seemed to be a far-fetched and futuristic idea but is now a reality. Today’s technology has enabled mankind to develop cars that can drive themselves in simple environments. Several automobile companies like Audi and Tesla have tested prototypes of self-driving cars and have presented successful results.

Similar to the idea of inter-car connectivity, self-driving cars are developed to reduce the chances of accidents on the road due to simple human errors. These cars can easily make the transportation system safer and more reliable.

Google started its self-driving car project in 2009 and was later rebranded as Waymo. The concept of the project was to develop an application that will allow you to book a self-driving car that will pick you up and drop you at your destination. Google promised a journey that is both extremely safe and comfortable for the users.

AR Dashboard Displays

Augmented Reality has enhanced several fields of science including engineering and medical science. The incorporation of AR into driving will not only enhance the driving experience but also provide a safer way of travel. Moreover, giving the dashboard a video game aesthetic will ensure that you get all the information about the car right in front of you.

Having an AR display will ensure that you have all the road and driving information at your fingertips when you are behind the wheels. This will help you have a safer drive and avoid any collisions on the road.

Phone and Smart Watch Integration

While smart gadgets are already beginning to sync with cars, the automobile industry will soon take this to another level. Recent innovations in the industry will allow you to pair your car with your wearables and control several commands directly from your smartwatch. You can use your watch to start your car remotely, lock the car doors, sound the horn, turn on the lights, etc. some new versions of cars are coming with applications that can be installed in smart devices to easily access basic controls of the car directly from your phone screen.

Automated Parking

This innovation is a great help for all the nervous parkers in the world. Parking systems that allow cars to find parking space and navigate them already exist in the real world. The next step of the innovation is the use of technology to park the car. The technology will allow the driver to drop the car at the entrance of the garage and the car will find itself a parking spot and park itself at ease. When you need your car, you can simply tap on the application and the car will travel back to the garage exit for you to get in.

3D Gestures

The developments in AR technology have also allowed car manufacturers to develop technologies that can help you control the car with a wave of your hand. 3D gesturing allows you to control certain elements of the car like the headlights, temperature control, or the radio. Additionally, if your phone is connected, you can receive incoming calls while driving with the gesturing technology. The technology allows you a safe driving experience while controlling all aspects of your car without taking your eye off the road.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence technologies like Machine Learning and deep learning are the apex of all technologies for the development of robotic applications in automobiles. These technologies are the foundation of all self-driving cars and automated parking technologies and can be used to develop other innovative developments in the automotive industry. Some of the major implementations of the technology include running diagnostics on the machine, engine, and other accessories of the car, speed management, fuel efficiency management, etc.

Additive Manufacturing

3D printing is a major manufacturing technique for all automobile manufacturers in the world. The technology enables them to easily design and create testing prototypes for the vehicles that speed up the production process. Secondly, it allows manufacturers to easily produce spare parts for all their vehicles with any requirements. Lastly, 3D printing parts of automobiles ensure that they are lighter, stronger, and more durable than the others.

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Wrapping Up!

The incorporation of AI-based technologies and additive manufacturing will ensure steady growth for the automotive industries. The technologies will continuously provide innovations that can improve the safety and comfort in the driving and traveling experiences in a car. Several independent start-ups are working on these technologies to develop better solutions for a more reliable traveling experience and reduce the chances of a collision on the road. Moreover, major companies like Audi, BMW, and Tesla are investing their resources into Research & Development to innovate their cars with the best features available in the modern world.

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