What are the benefits of outdoor adventure camps for young adults?

We’re all familiar with summer camps that are a fun, refreshing, and affordable way to have fun and rejuvenate yourself. Adventure camps have been gaining a lot of attention recently, owing to the multiple benefits they have to offer weary urban folk. The other reason behind the concept of adventure camps gaining popularity is that people have a better understanding of how nature, outdoor adventures can improve mental and physical wellbeing.

It’s an excellent solution for young adults and teens to share what they learn about the great outdoors and develop a sense of kinship via an array of outdoor adventures. Planning an outdoor adventure camp for yourself could help provide you with a break from the daily grind. It could also help your teen to step away from a highly digitized lifestyle and the strains of college. Teens pursuing advanced academic courses and young adults taking on the corporate world’s demands could use these programs. Such programs could boost confidence, build leadership skills and increase a sense of independence. They’re even great for creating a social circle with people who share similar interests too.  

Benefits of adventure camps

We researched the extensive benefits of adventure camps and their direct connection with lowering mental health issues: depression, pressure, anxiety.

  • Spending time outdoors can give you a break from digital media and technology
  • It’s a time for you to rewrite your story, especially if life has got you down
  • This is the opportunity that lets you step out of your comfort zone to try something challenging, daring.
  • It’s also a great way to grow personally and discover things about yourself that you didn’t know
  • You could connect with nature and appreciate how healing it can be
  • You socialize with other people and develop connections with the people you share these experiences with
  • It gives you the skills you need to survive in the 21st century, where you learn how to take on and resolve positive risks

Some of India’s most famous adventure camps provide ample opportunities for exploration, whether it is surfing or snorkeling in water bodies close to the Pacific Ocean, rafting in Rishikesh, and hiking in Goecha La or Triund. Depending on the activity you’ve chosen to do, adventure camps are a way for you to enhance your physique and, in turn, improve your overall health. 

Certain people who have participated in adventure camps for adults have developed a hobby or enthusiasm for things like bicycling, rafting, hiking, and kayaking. There are lasting advantages that these activities provide them with, like developing the skills needed for living outdoors and backcountry travel and trip planning.

Outdoor adventure camps

Usually, outdoor adventure camps are tough, and this is why many of the famous adventure camps in India book their guests in groups. For example, they arrange for activities like mountain biking, hiking, rafting in groups of three, four, or more. It is possible to try these activities on your own, but a trained expert always accompanies you. Either way, spending time in adventure camps for adults has one more benefit: the ability to engage with other people and gradually develop leadership skills.

Your group of peers will see you as a valuable contributor, and you become more independent, gaining a sense of self-reliance and self-confidence.   

The chances to see, experience, and learn more about various cultures is one of the important benefits of adventure camps. Adventures take you outside your comfort zone; you could be in another state or country that gives you lifetime adventures. Here you integrate with new communities in different parts of the country or even the world. If one is lucky enough, they even learn new languages, participate in volunteer programs, and better appreciate and understand the world.

Some people who do venture outdoors create their own adventures by exploring all that nature has to offer. In turn, they also learn the additional benefits of adventure camps. For example, it promotes active learning through direct experiences that add value to their lives and draw focus on the environment around them. Eventually, their mentality is strengthened and results in a heightened development from a social, intellectual, and physical point of view.

Learn to work together in the adventure camps

Individuals learn to work together when undertaking a certain activity. For example, a team of hikers helping each other as they move along a trail or learning to row in tandem while white-water rafting. Here, it’s an opportunity for all to understand the skills one needs for life, like building a sense of responsibility during their shared adventure experience and a sense of accomplishment as that adventure ends.

Building a sense of self-esteem, confidence is the lasting benefit of adventure camps. In fact, several of the outdoor events that adventure camps for adults provide are challenging. Obviously, camp operators won’t plan out an extreme event that is better suited for the experts, as they know that most of their guests are from the city.

Most urban people that do visit such adventure camps are there for the challenge, to get away from daily life and do something very unusual for a change. For example, they have no idea what an hour-long hike will be like, but they participate in one anyway. It’s exciting because this hike will be something new for them, and it provides them with a challenge that will test their limits and fears. Eventually, these people develop their sense of independence, confidence – two skills that will help them win big when they go back to their daily lives.

Breakaway from technology

Finally, the biggest impact that adventure camps for adults could have on you is giving you a chance to break away from technology. The growing use of digital media, technology, and our increasing dependency has led to increased behaviour and psychological and physical disorders. This is irrelevant of age groups, jobs, socio-economic status, and educational levels. The result is a life filled with overwhelming anxiety and stress and doesn’t help develop effective means to cope with these outcomes.       

Popular adventure camps are the greatest digital detox one could find. You could completely disconnect from your devices and get a break or relief from the pressure, anxiety, stress, and depression they cause. It is possible to thrive without them as you are focused on maintaining your strength on tough nature trails, saving your energy for hiking or rowing that leave you with little time to worry about anything else or what’s on your devices. 

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