What will be Your Strategy to Clear IELTS Exam in 2021

IELTS is a delight for those candidates who want to relocate to an English-speaking country to pursue studies or work. There are two versions of the IELTS exam one is Academic and the second one is General Training. There are no failures in IELTS but a high band score is a deciding factor for the candidates to pursue admission in a reputed international university of an English-speaking country or renowned company to work. It is mandatory to understand the exam pattern and preparation strategy to score high band scores in the IELTS exam. In case you are planning to take IELTS Exam in 2021, it is necessary to plan a systematic study strategy before starting the exam preparation. Let us discuss some significant tips to prepare proficiently for the language proficiency test.


  1. To know the latest exam pattern followed by IELTS. It comprises four components these are listening, reading, writing, and speaking. All these components are examined to access proficiency in the English language. The detailed exam pattern of IELTS is given on the left.
  2. There is no specific syllabus for IELTS yet one can go through the previous year’s question papers to know the types of questions asked to access the proficiency in the English language.
  3. Learn the basic grammar rules from Best IELTS coaching institute in Ludhiana of the English language from a renowned English grammar book.
  4. Practice parts of speech exercises to have a stronghold on grammar and language usage.
  5. Listening skills should be practiced in such a way so that you are able to understand the message of an English speaker.
  6. Listen to the audio clips and rephrase them in your own words to learn the basic usage of the language.
  7. Learn the spellings of difficult words because every spelling mistake will be penalized which may lead to a low band score in IELTS.
  8. Practice writing short and concise to save time in writing tasks.
  9. For reading tasks, take a reading practice on passages. Read the passage carefully and understand the central idea.
  10. Monitor the time taken to read the passage as it has a minimum time limit set in the exam.
  11. There is no negative marking, hence practice tests should be taken without leaving any question unanswered.
  12. For writing skills, it is advisable to read a lot of essays and analyze them carefully. Then jot down the significant points related to the subject and then structure the essay format. An essay should be framed to make the topic clear to the reader; the headline should match the subject of the essay. The language flow should be flawless and clear so that you can score a high band in the writing task.
  13. Maintain the proper use of grammar ethics while writing an essay as it is an English proficiency test. Practice writing an essay with accurate usage.
  14. Avoid using informal language while attempting writing tasks. Do not use abbreviations or use the first or second person in the context. These can be used in the conclusion.
  15. Speaking is an interesting section of IELTS. It envelops interaction with the examiners to analyze the language proficiency and fluency. Practice group discussions where you should be able to answer spontaneously to the people around you.
  16. Practice a specific response conversation in the group discussions and otherwise with your family and friends. It will fetch more scores in speaking tasks.
  17. Be attentive and respond promptly. Concentrate only on the speaking task rather than thinking of something else in the exam.
  18. Your response should reflect confidence and enthusiasm rather than a superimposed task. Your interest and knowledge both are accessed in speaking tasks.
  19. Practice speaking by recording your answers and listening to them. Improve further if you need to improve further. You can take the help of the subject expert or a linguist. You can easily get them in case you have joined any No. 1 IELTS institute in Jalandhar or anywhere in India.
  20. Buy practice tests and full-length mock tests from a verified center for IELTS and practice one or two tests daily to know your worth. Practice till you earn a band score from 6 to 9 as these are considered the best to get the choicest location to study or work in a foreign country.

Follow these tips cautiously to score a high band score; passing with a low score in IELTS is futile. If you really want to make your efforts work wonders, study smart to score high.

All the best!!!

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